Kip Turner

Programmer, Game Designer.

About Kip

Kip is a Computer Science: Computer Game Design graduate from University of California, Santa Cruz.
In-between his studies at UCSC, Kip also attended a University in Yamanashi, Japan known as Tsurubunka Daigaku for six months. Kip is bilingual in both English and Japanese.

Immediately after graduating in 2012, Kip began work at a video game company called Roblox as a Software Engineer.

Currently, Kip continues to develop video games and video game technologies using C++, lua, and other various languages.



Veblockizilla Screenshot

One of my Global Game Jam games created in Unity during a timespan of under 48 hours. The objective of the game is to get your cube to the level's exit without colliding with anything at all. However, the only way your character can move is by assuming the velocity of other moving projectiles, which is achieved by clicking on them. You can rotate the world using the arrow keys to better see other objects and projectiles. Enjoy!

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Age of Glory

Age of Glory Icon

A medieval and voxel themed iPad game in the popular strategic battling genre! The game features the ability to build up your base and attack others in the conquest of being the greatest champion of all. I worked in a team of roughly eight people over the course of six months to develop this software.

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